Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Off to Fort Myers......

except.......we woke up to fog again.

But, we're in no hurry, really.  It's only about 15 miles to Fort Myers from the Franklin Lock, so we kicked back and waited.  Had a nice breakfast and watched other boats drive off into the fog.  They were all heading east into the country.  We were heading to the city.  Downtown.  We waited.

Shortly after ten we departed and locked through.  It still amazes me that they run these big locks to let one little boat through, but they do.  It was an easy trip into Fort Myers.  Uneventful except for a long, narrow channel through a no wake manatee zone where we seemed to be the only boat not making a wake.  The motor yachts with twin turbo mega motors did their best to push us out of the channel, but not today.  I'm not sure where all the "Rigid Enforcement" of the manatee zone was but, survive it we did, and without running aground either!

We got into Fort Myers just before noon, and stopped for fuel at the Fort Myers Yacht basin.  I only add this in because I know all my sailing friends will be jealous!  Didn't need much fuel, but I realized I forgot to treat the fuel we bought in Stuart.  It couldn't have been because we just touched bottom and I could see the happy hour sign from the fuel dock, but who knows.   Maybe I'm just not a good boater.

The Fort Myers yacht basin was just upriver from our destination, and when I called them on the radio they asked us to wait as we were fourth in line for docking.  Only noon and it was quitting time already.  Now that's boating.  But they got us into our slip just before one - a real nice one in the suburbs (a far corner of the marina) right on the seawall overlooking the river where we have a great view of the river and sunsets.  We'll deal with it, I guess.

Anyway, we're a gonna be hanging out in Fort Myers for awhile.  Not sure when or where we're gonna go from here, but y'all will be the first to know,  I promise.  And I'll be sure to post some really nauseating sunset pictures for we all wait too!

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